christian education



Sunday School at Terrace is held during the summer months of June, July and August to fill the need of our summer visitors. We hold one Sunday school class for ages 5-12 years of age from Memorial Day through the end of August. The curriculum is taken from Cokesbury’s One Room Sunday School. Supplemental information is sometimes added to fit the need for extra materials so that all ages are equally challenged. At times, children under the age of 5 are enthused about attending, and are welcomed. It is our policy to have an assistant in the room also to comply with our Safe Sanctuary policy.


The children attend the first few minutes of the worship service. The Pastor then calls them to the front for an interactive “Moments with the Children” lesson. Afterward, they are escorted to the Sunday school room by the teacher and assistant. The weekly lessons revolve around a Bible story, which is reinforced with discussion, coloring pages, puzzles, games, role-play, music, prayer and crafts.  The children normally have something to take home with them to help them remember the lesson.