Hispanic Ministry

Through the past five years we have grown from a small ministry of worshiping strangers to a close group of worshiping friends and family. It reminds us of the early disciples. Small groups meeting together in companionship. We have a wonderful fellowship during and after the service. We not only share food and conversation after every service, but also in our homes and at birthday parties. How nice was it that Estrella’s twelfth birthday party was a big celebration in our church’s dining room. About forty people filled the room to celebrate her birthday. It’s a joy to be around the children. 

We hold a children’s school at every service. Between five to eight children attend regularly. Camilla shared with Marian a few weeks ago that her favorite time at church is church school. Marian replied, “I think that’s because we do all the fun crafts.” She said, “Yes.” So fun crafts it is, with Biblical teachings. But we must share that as the children age, so has our church school. We spent the last four sessions on Paul’s first journey. Last year we spent one day on this topic and created a thanks book. This year we provided the children with a two-page list of the places Paul, Barnabas and John visited with lines for them to complete. We began with Saul’s conversion and then as Paul traveled to each location, the children read the appropriate passage from Acts. We then asked them to discern one to two sentences that summarized the most important aspect of the passage and record it on their sheets. We helped one younger child, aged five, with writing the sentences. For the three-year-old child, we had pages that she would color. We have to admit that creating their sail boats was their most fun part about this learning, but the older children took turns reading their Bibles and really concentrated on what was the salient point of each passage. They recorded them in their two-page journal They then asked to perform a play and we choose Paul’s first journey. The parents were clicking away photographing their children as they moved from city to city reading their excerpts, their learnings. Church school has been so rewarding watching the children’s eyes and brain’s working, as we teach the Bible.