Develop and nurture a Church Family that will minister

to the needs of the people

through the words and teachings of Jesus Christ.

church slogan

where strangers

become friends

and friends become family.

In response to

horrific hurricanes hitting

Texas, Florida and Caribbean islands

Kynett church donated almost $10,000 and 28 flood cleaning buckets.

Kynett church donated 

Thanksgiving turkeys to local families.

Gray and Marian Whetstone

delivered boxes to

Samaritan’s Purse drop off location.

Kynett church donated  footballs, soccer balls and numerous art, jewelry and rock crafts to

Stafford Police and Recreation Department’s Christmas toy drive.

Kynett church donated clothing to 

St Francis community center Gift of Warmth Tree.

The little 7 year old girl who requested a holiday dress will surely love this one.