a Christian connection

Kynett and haiti

a Christian connection

For the past five years, members from Kynett have accompanied the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference Volunteers in Mission for a one week mission trip to Haiti. The teams initially worked on church construction projects to rebuild the Methodist churches after the 2010 earthquake. For the past three years, the teams have supplied and trained Haitian families on the use of Sawyer water filters.

In 2016 the team worked with a Haitian Methodist partner, the Passion Rescue Mission. This mission was founded by Gene Vertus, a Haitian who moved to the United States with his family when he was thirteen. He is a US citizen specializing in information technology, who decided that he needed to give back to Haiti and reopen a school that his father had founded, Genecoit Vertus School of Excellence. The school is in the mountains of Haiti about an hour and a half from Port au Prince, the capital city. Most schools in Haiti require tuition from families; this school serves the poor. There is no tuition. The Passion Rescue Mission team fundraises here in the US and in Haiti to cover expenses. Without them, the children would not be able to attend school. The team spent two days there, training 50 families how to assemble and clean water filters and buckets. They also held a Vacation Bible School (VBS) each day. Approximately 75 children participated.

The team then moved to a church about 45 minutes from Port au Prince

and trained an additional 50 families on their water filters. They held another

VBS both days with about 75 children. When you think of evangelism, a minimum of 100 adults and 150 children have felt the love of Jesus through this team. What a celebration of Jesus, our living water.

This was a photograph from one of the Vacation Bible Schools.

It is such a great joy to help provide clean water and to help the

children and adults on their spiritual journey with Jesus.


In January of 2017 Kynett members again joined a mission team to Haiti. They provided training and 100 water filters to Haitians living around the Furcy mountainous area. They also ran a VBS for approximately 70 children. Additionally, they held a community dinner that fed over 200 people. These mission trips are joyous Christian events. During VBS, the team, with the help of their interpreters, taught the children how to sing Amazing Grace in French and in English. During the community dinner the children sang that song loudly in both languages for their parents. It was amazing! What was also amazing is that on day 3 of the water filter training, a Methodist pastor came with 18 young men from a sister congregation. The pastor and boys walked 6 hours through mountainous terrain to arrive at the training by 9:00 am. There was an outbreak of cholera in their community. The filters were a matter of life or death. These mission teams matter.

If you want to join a team, please contact Marian Whetstone at 908-500-7438.